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Handle with Care

‘Handle With Care ‘ is a fresh British Romantic Drama that explores the highs and lows of love, friendship and relationships.

Set in London’s evolving suburbia a circle of five twenty somethings are tried by the ever-changing expectations of those around them, alongside the expectations they themselves have of love. Charming MIKE is about to reveal his big plan, but loyal best friend NAOMI has deep feelings about his decision.

The beautiful ALLANA is looking for fun at no cost to herself and long term couple OLA and PRIYA face serious challenges sparked by their cultural differences.

‘HANDLE WITH CARE’ will have you laughing hard whilst making you consider what it truly means to weigh up the matters of the heart. The scales may not always tip in your favour…

For more information: www.handlewithcare-thefilm.co.uk

  • Project

    Handle with Care (Short-Film)

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    Exec. Producer & Director

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