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Squeeze is a London based film surrounding the pressures of young adults who live in the less glamorous parts of London. After graduating from university, a year on Jide is still struggling to find work in his field of study. Jide loses his part-time retail job due to his desire to attend an interview related to his field of study. This mounts lots of pressure on him from his mother and girlfriend who want more financial support from him. Specifically his mother wants more support with the bills whilst Paris (Jide’s girlfriend) wants to begin a new chapter of their life i.e getting a new flat together.

Jide finds himself in an unpleasant situation whilst involved in this lifestyle. He finds that one of the boys (little Darnell) he cons is the younger brother of an older on the estate. Little Darnell’s brother is dangerous and when he finds out that Darnell has been ripped off by Jide, he arranges for Jide to be kidnapped. Jide becomes hostage to Darnell’s crew and is told the only way to freedom is if he pays back what he owes.

Following this life and death predicament, Jide is left deciding whether to pursue vengeance or whether to follow a career opportunity that finally comes into his life.

For more information: www.squeeze-thefilm.com

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    Squeeze (Short-Film)

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    Exec. Producer & Director

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